HELP! How to open a huge glass jar of jelly without a jar opener?

Answer you need to gently *tap* the side of the lid on a counter top, enough to release a little of the pressure of the jar.This trully works, don't be afraid to let it dent a little.good luck my friend...

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How can I open a canned foods without a can opener?

Use pliers and pull the top seal/lip up and off the can. Work your way around the can until you have access to its contents.

How to Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener?

101 Uses for an OpenerOpening a bottle without the benefit of an opener is something that many aspire to, ideally suffering no chipped teeth. In fact, there are many ways to open a bottle. Almost a... Read More »

I accidentally sliced my big toe open on a piece of broken glass. help?

your not being a baby anyone would be concerned.. you done the right thing washing it just make sure yo put some savlon cream on it to avoid infection.. u should be ok with that if your still worri... Read More »

Can you freeze a glass jar of jelly?

Yes, you can freeze a glass jar of jelly just as you can with jam. To maximize freshness when you thaw it (no freezer burn), make sure to put the lid on tight. Full jars freeze more evenly.Referenc... Read More »