HELP! Half of my iPad apps are gone!?

Answer You won't have to buy all of them, because after you download a paid app from the app store you can get it again for free. Trying to find your apps though, i sadly can't help you with that. Google ... Read More »

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Do you have to buy all new apps for iPad 2 if already have apps in my iTunes account?

Sorry, but Apple does not allow you to do this. i was wondering myself, but i think the reason why you might want to do this is because you want to jailbreak it. Apple doesnt want you to be jail br... Read More »

How many apps can you download at once with an iPad 2 running IOs 5 In other words if you were to start downloading 5 apps would they all download at once or alone?

One would download fast, then a next, then a next, and it keeps going for how many apps you download.

Does the iPad 2 3G have the same apps in the iPad 2 wifi?

You click on the picture you want to delete and then there will be a little trash can icon and if you press it, it will delete it

Who has all the iPad 2 Apps?

Well I think you should know that not EVERYONE has all the ipad 2 apps, everyone all has different kinds of likes and dislikes... :)