HELP!!!! Computer Savants!!! My computer HAL wouldn't turn on this morning?

Answer How old is the computer? Even if it's not very old computers can just die. Especially the monitor. Mine died on me last year; it was 6 years old. You may need to just buy a new one.I also agree it ... Read More »

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On my desktop computer it records the history of sites visted under My Computer. Can I turn this off?

Go to the control panel and open Internet Options. Under Browsing History open settings. Under history, set days to keep pages in history to zero. When you close the browser, the history will be cl... Read More »

Do I turn off my computer to save energy, or not turn it off to save my computer?

This is a very debatable as to whats true. But quite frankly turning off your computer will help save its life no matter what anyone else says. My leaving it on produces heat and causes more wear ... Read More »

Are u on the computer at 1 in the morning?

im not in ohio so i guess i dont qualify....

If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?