HELP!!!!! CORRUPT computer!!!?

Answer Hi,When you inserted your Windows XP CD and rebooted, did your computer boot up from the CD? If it did, you should have seen something like "Welcome to Setup." If you didn't see that, it could be... Read More »

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How to Use Another Computer to Help Recover Corrupt Files?

Using another computer to help recover corrupt files on your hard drive is necessary where the drive is so corrupt that the operating system refuses to load, limiting your restoration options. Acco... Read More »

If you had a virus that would be guaranteed to corrupt every computer connected to the web would you use it?

No because it would mess my computer up so I wouldn't be able to use it!

How to Corrupt a File on Purpose Using Corrupt a File.Net?

Although it is usually an unfortunate event, corrupting a file can sometimes be useful. For example, you have to deliver a document today but it is not ready yet. A solution is to send a corrupted ... Read More »

Is the CIA corrupt?