HELP ASAP i need to make dinner for my friend!?

Answer It doesn't matter whether you start with macaroni that you measure yourself and cheese that you measure yourself or pre-measured macaroni from a box--except that the pre-measured box costs a lot mo... Read More »

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What to make for dinner help asap?

Cook and then mash the potatoes , add the peas and green beans to mashed potatoes , then later on fry them up like " bubble n squeak ", couple of fried eggs / sausage or something easy cheap meal .

Im having a friend over for dinner, usually i know what to make.. but now im nervous and need ideas..?

Pork chops and spaghetti with marinara sauce would be a great dinner

Having a dinner party tonight. How can I get my "friends" to get the hell put of my house ASAP.?

Help, What is my friend suffering from ASAP?

Treating tuberculosis is long and difficult, due to the nature of the pathogen. It divides very slowly and also dies very slowly. It is normal for him to be taking so many medications for so long, ... Read More »