HELP AGAIN hel help?

Answer If he should ask you out.. go.. and enjoy yourself...but you know that he is moving.. so you no that the relationship can't go very just don't get toooo involved w/ him..It will only make y... Read More »

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Help my computer does not detect a printer. I try to install it again but its still the same. Please help me.?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling,or inserting disk,going on My computer and look for anything that says setup or drivers.I'm no technician,bit did thus when trying to install Brother printer and i... Read More »

HELP! My computer is restarting itself again and again, this happened twice today?

If your computer always restart, There are some reason:I. It's Hot in ThereSometimes this can be caused by an overheating situation. Itunes, RealPlayer, Windows Media player,etc. require a lot of p... Read More »

A msg is show again and again on my computer screen..wanna remove it forever but don't know how need help..?

Click on Start > Run.Type in as regedit and click on ok.You will get a popup window as Registry.Click on + sign at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.Click on + sign at SYSTEM.Click on + sign at CurrentControlSet.... Read More »

AMMYY SCAM HELP!!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You should be able to remove Ammyy Admin from your control panel using "Add/Remove" programs. However, that at this point is only PART of your issue. Ammyy Admin is a legitimate remote administra... Read More »