HELP 7 Months pregnant n severly DEPRESSED PARTNER.....?

Answer Oh my! I am so sorry for your "partner." I cannot imagine trying to deal with all the horrids of war! Moreover, the images that only he sees, in his mind!I feel your pain and I am a bit worried abo... Read More »

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How to Help a Depressed Partner?

Do you want to help her?Once upon a time, everything seems perfect for you, but then you realize that your partner is not happy anymore. Read on how to learn to help him or her.

How can you contact Dr Phil about your daughter who is so depressed she is talking about suicide and she is four months pregnate?

At age 19, she became a news anchor for a CBS television station that was local.

A pregnant woman is taking flu medication prescribed by her doctor The baby is born severly deformed Does she and the baby have a claim?

Deformities are caused in the first few weeks of pregnancy almost before the woman even knows she is pregnant. There are so many things that can cause deformity and flu medication is not among them... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you have cramping for 4 months straight even with your period and have ben on the pill for 9 months but missed about 2 weeks?

Birth Control can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss pills or take them at diffrent times. And it is possible to become pregnant and still have you period so I would take a pregn... Read More »