HEI Distributor Instructions for a New Engine?

Answer Installing an HEI distributor in a new engine is a simple task, but the engine has to be in exactly the correct position for the HEI distributor to properly fit into the engine. The HEI distributor... Read More »

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GM HEI Distributor Instructions?

The HEI distributor was the first distributor to have a Hall effect sensor rather than a set of points for General Motors. It is actually an excellent ignition system, and many older GM vehicles tr... Read More »

How to Install the Distributor in a 1995 Buick V8 & Instructions?

The distributor is necessary for starting your 1995 Buick. Installing the distributor on your 1995 Buick V8 engine requires the removal of the water pump and a few other components, but it is fairl... Read More »

How to Change the Distributor Cap on a 1996 GMC Safari 4.3 Engine?

Damage to your distributor cap happens most often from carbon build-up on the contacts within the cap itself. When this happens, one or more of your spark plugs won’t receive the necessary voltag... Read More »

How to Turn the Distributor on a 1985 Camaro 2.8 With a V-6 Engine?

The distributor on the 1985 Chevrolet Camaro is the main component that the spark plugs receive their voltage from. The distributor also supplies the proper firing order to the spark plugs to keep ... Read More »