HEAT OR ICE Treatment for shin splint?

Answer What I'm going to college for right now specializes in modalities, including the application of ice.Never apply ice on an injury before exercise because it will only harm you more or not help at al... Read More »

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How to Massage a Shin Splint?

According to The Mayo Clinic, the leg injury commonly known as a "shin splint" is properly called medial tibial stress syndrome. The condition causes pain along the tibia in the front of your leg. ... Read More »

Shin splint or a stress fracture in my tibia?

It sounds like your coach is right. If it was a stress fracture or shin splint it would be very difficult to walk on much less do gymnastics with. I would recommend going to get an x-ray, better sa... Read More »

Is ice or heat good for shin splints?

On One Hand: Ice is RecommendedIce is recommended for home care of shin splints. The Mayo Clinic suggests wrapping an ice pack in a towel and icing the shin for between 15 and 20 minutes. This can ... Read More »

What is the preferred treatment for a large hematoma on the shin caused by trauma?

The doctors are right. I developed one on my shin after a wreck. 6 months later it was flat and only minorly discolored, 8 months later it was no longer painful to the touch and the coloration had... Read More »