HDTV has VGA slots, but doesn't have Red & White slots (Audio)?

Answer Almost all current HDTVs with VGA in have an audio input right next to it, but it's easy to miss because it's not a pair of red/white RCA jacks but a small, black 1/8 inch headphone jack, like the ... Read More »

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Is there a converter for small headphones slots to large headphones slots?

Yes. You can pick them up from most electrical spares places like maplins

PCI slots don't seem to be working?

YOu know what? i take a computer repair class. its a hands on training class. i know what a pci slot is. i seen that before. because in my class, we practice and practice to open up the computer an... Read More »

How to add more USB to pc Expansion slots?

could probably add another card if you take the side of the case off, alternatively you can buy a USB hub that will give you more ports - here are some examples Read More »

How to Beat the Slots?

Casino gambling can be a fun and sometimes addictive hobby. Slot machines are the most colorful and loudest attraction in the casino today, and they generate billions of dollars in revenue from pat... Read More »