HDTV channels not found.?

Answer most of the time u need to get an HD cable box with ur cable company. i know here in FL the HD channels don't cost anymore if u have a cable box already with them u just have to change it out for ... Read More »

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I tried scanning my tv for channels but there isnt any channels found. What can i do?

You won't get a good answer without asking a good question. You didn't bother to tell us what kind of TV you have, where you're getting your signal from, or even what country you're in.

How do you get free hdtv channels?

You will need an antenna and a HDTV with a tuner built in. You will then get your local channels in HD.

Can I receive HDTV channels through my VCR?

You will need a DTV converter box to watch HDTV channels on your VCR. Every TV or VCR not equipped with a digital tuner must be connected to a DTV converter box to receive HDTV signals and watch HD... Read More »

How to Install Local Channels on HDTV?

Although obtaining the hundreds of HD television channels from your cable or satellite provider typically costs an extra $10 a month, an HD antenna is all you need to get local stations in HD. This... Read More »