HDMI ports won't work on my Sanyo TV?

Answer maybe they are not sanyo to install an hdmi board on tv .

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HDMI Ports on my Foehn & Hirsch (F&H) TV no longer work?

The Main Board in the TV is fried most likely. This is an easy fix at a repair shop, given they still make the parts. It might cost some money though.

Why wont sound work through HDMI?

HDMI is designed to carry audio with the video signal. There can be a few reasons why the sound isn't working. Here are some suggestions: If the signal source is using a DVI connector, there will b... Read More »

Playstion 3 hooked up to HDMI cable to freinds tv and now wont work on my projection tv?

I think maybe you should change the display settings. Some televisions support only some specific display format. Maybe if you unchecked 1080p under the display settings will help.I'm only guessin... Read More »

What is the difference between Pr Pb Y and Cr Cb Y audio video ports. will my devices work if a connect the two ports together?

They are both color space video but PrPbY is analog video and CrCbY is digital video. Trivia Conventionally the Y is first followed by b then r, as in YPbPr which has led to the wires being known a... Read More »