HDMI connection no longer working after factory settings?

Answer try updating the graphics drivers on the laptop, maybe they are not installed after resetting it

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HDMI connection from LG Blu-ray player has stopped working...?

You did good troubleshooting already. I would continue the troubleshooting by doing this:Make sure the TV is on the correct HDMI inputTry using another HDMI input on the TV if it has onePlug anothe... Read More »

HDMI connection/laptop to Receiver and tv help on hdmi switcher info?

This is the best way to hook up your devices:- 1st hdmi cable to hdmi output on device to hdmi input on receiver for surround sound audio, then 2nd hdmi cable to hdmi output on receiver to hdmi inp... Read More »

How can you have a hdmi connection for your xbox 360 when it doesnt have a hdmi slot?

Only 1394 connection shows in network connections. I no longer see local area connection on my dell pc, why?

You are having network card problems. Probably the device driver isn't installed. Remove the device from your device manager and then it will find it again and reinstall the driver for it. Shoul... Read More »