HDMI connecting my LCD to my PC Monitor help!!!?

Answer LCD tv and your PC monitor does not have any video outputs at all. You can only input a video to the LCD tv or the PC monitor. Hope this will help you out.

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Which of these HDMI cables are best for connecting a Full HD 1920 x 1080 monitor to a desktop computer?

At the end of the day you'll still get the same result.. You won't notice the difference.At least you're going with a good brand: Belkin.

Problem connecting computer to television with HDMI-HDMI cable?

First...make sure the computers resolution matches the TV's native resolution and make sure the video drivers are up-to-date.If that doesn't help, then try this: shut down the computer and turn off... Read More »

HDMI video card doesnt output HDMI signal to monitor?

I've seen this before on several systems that I've built. It is usually the resolution or refresh rate set too high for the TV to handle. Remember, that TV is not a computer monitor. Computer monit... Read More »

3 monitors at once (a laptop monitor, a VGA monitor, and an HDMI monitor)?

Only two outputs at one time are allowed on most laptops. That would be the normal laptop screen and ONE of the two output ports. Rarely could you have two external monitors and no normal screen.... Read More »