HDMI Help: Computer to Monitor?

Answer Looks like there must be a compatibility issue.

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DVI/DVI vs DVI/HDMI cable for computer monitor?

The video signal carried by HDMI is in fact single-link DVI-D. You will see absolutely no difference whatsoever in image quality, because it is the same signal. HDMI is merely DVI + audio all in ... Read More »

Can a mini HDMI cable (A to C) be used for computer to monitor?

Only if the connectors fit into something at either end. Of course, you could get adapters to make changes. See for various cable types and adapters.

Computer monitor hdmi gtx 660ti not working?

possibly a bad HDMI cable, try using a different one

How to receive sound from an xbox hooked up to a computer monitor w/ HDMI?

Right click the speaker icon by the clock, right click digital and enable it, double click it, levels tab and set the slider where you like. Restart everything and see if that worked.