HDD connection problem?

Answer You will be fine connecting the DVD and HD on one IDE cable. If both are not set to cable select (CS) on the pins back of the drive you will need to set one to master and one to slave. But its easi... Read More »

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Why do I have a connection problem?

It most likely is the cables. They may look fine but they are not made of solid wire. There are many fine strands of wire inside them. They break easily causing the kinds of problems you mention... Read More »

Problem with 3G connection?

Someone please help me with my internet connection problem!?

Hey!If you have tried restarting and all of those usual steps that are needed to be done. Then your internet connection is working fine. There are lags on the servers you join in on COD and Fifa 20... Read More »

Wifi connection problem?

wifi is LAN, not www. Don't confuse them as they have different solutions.Is the router set to hide it's SSID? If so, set it to show SSID. Does the laptop detect it now?Does the laptop detect any w... Read More »