HDD Vs. MiniDV?

Answer If you plan on getting your video into you camcorder,The BEST ones will be those cameras which:1) store their captured video with the least amount of compression.2) have an easy video archive proce... Read More »

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MiniDV Noise?

No problem with miniDV mechanical noise as it is hardly heard when recording (unless you put your ear at the camcorder). Heard only when loading/unloading the tape but still quiet enough than its p... Read More »

Are all MiniDV tapes the same?

No, the HDR-FX7 uses HD MiniDV tapes for higher resolution videos.Although it can also use normal MiniDV tapes, the resulting videos would be in normal resolution.

Difference Between Hi8 & MiniDV?

There are a wide array of video formats to choose from, especially if you have not upgraded your camera to a digital model yet. After Video8 gave way to the Hi8 format, the arrival of digital video... Read More »

What Is a MiniDV Camcorder?

According to Panasonic, MiniDV camcorders record video digitally to increase color and picture quality. The video cassette used in MiniDV is around 56 percent smaller than its predecessor, the Dig... Read More »