HD to normal tv question?

Answer You wouldnt get a picture and if you did get a picture in would be scrambled. You wont blow up yout tv. You might blow out your speakers though,sometimes there is a loud buzz when you hook up the w... Read More »

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How long can a normal man last without having sex 'n the same question for a normal woman?

A "normal" human (man or woman) could potentially go an entire life time of 100 or more years without sex, it's called celibacy. Therefore, the correct answer to your question is women, because the... Read More »

Is this normal (really personal question...)?

I suggest you carry some of those wipes with you

Poop question Is this normal?

Well. it depends on how much blood. A little bit sometimes just means that your stools are too hard. You need to drink more liquids like water. Your stools will soften and it won't be as hard to po... Read More »

IS this normal Question about swelling?

It is normal that your finger would show trauma., and have some inflamation. You do not say hoe DEEP this wound is, or if it is getting infected. Numbness could also be an injured or traumatized ne... Read More »