HD TV owners, Has your electric bill gone up much since you bought your HDTV ?

Answer I am getting a LCD this next week and the new Lasers will come out in Nov and be very high in price. Yes everyone's bill goes up here in Tn that I know about. My friend says her bill went from $40"... Read More »

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How much will your electric bill go up using portable electric heaters?

Cost of operating electric portable heatersYou need to know three things: Wattage of heaters Operating hours per month Cost of electricity Example: If you have a 1000 watt heater that operates 1 ho... Read More »

Have i bought wrong hdtv?

There's probably nothing wrong with your TV, although you may need to tweek your settings. Visit a place like and do a search on your TV to find some suggested settings for your TV.On... Read More »

My daughter bought a house. The carpet has been used as a bathroom by the former owners cats and dogs.?

Remove it, and the padding and replace it. That isn't the cheap way, but certainly is the best way.Rev. Steven

Check my pipes-vey: soooo the trashball owners of the house I bought never took care of anything?

when you take the crapper up you'll have to buy a new wax ring any how, that should fix it when you put it back