HD LG TV problem. can anyone help.?

Answer Speakers and other magnetic objects close to your TV screen refer to the old tube type CRT TV's.. Not flat screen HDTV's...

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I need help with youtube problem,can anyone help?

Help me anyone alcohol problem?

Most of you posting here are not alcoholics but people with bad habits that also lead to bad decisions. Your anger issue and poor relationship with your father [issues] need attention through couns... Read More »

Printer problem can anyone help me?

Try running the Drivers and Utilities CD you got for the printer and installing the latest drivers. If that doesn't work try plugging it into all the USB ports on your PC. If that also doesn't work... Read More »

Problem with pc, can anyone help?

Plug everything in, computer to monitor, keyboard, mouse, wall outlet for both computer and monitor, and everything else. Make sure the monitor is switched on then turn the computer on. The monit... Read More »