HAVE YOU ever revived a person by CPR ?

Answer Once. At work.The emergency bell went off so I went running to the room. I could see straight away the woman was dead. She was flopped on her bed, half sitting half slumped backwards against the... Read More »

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How much is it to have my leather boots cleaned and revived?

You could try steam and a cloth/brush, but leather is expensive to clean. They quoted £35 to clean my leather jacket!

Have you ever made fun of an obese person?

according to the height and weight chart, i am 50 pounds overweight, but i pass my PT test in the army and the body fat. I can run 2 miles in 18-19 minutes and do about 35 push in 2 minutes, also ... Read More »

Who was the most famous person you have ever met?

You met Opie?! Cool! Did he say 'golly' or 'bucko'?The most famous person I met was Mark Slaughter - the singer of Slaughter. 'Met' might be a little strong...he said 'Hey' to me and I said 'Hey' b... Read More »

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Patsy Kensit told me to F*** off, once... does that count?{I was doing a temp delivery job as a delivery driver. To deliver my stuff I parked up, blocking her car in.}