HAVE YOU ever revived a person by CPR ?

Answer Once. At work.The emergency bell went off so I went running to the room. I could see straight away the woman was dead. She was flopped on her bed, half sitting half slumped backwards against the... Read More »

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How to Wake Up Revived?

If you have trouble getting up in the morning or feel groggy and wiped out on a regular basis, evaluate your sleep habits and learn how to wake up revived and ready for the day. Morning grogginess ... Read More »

Can asystole be revived?

On One Hand: Asystole is Almost Always FatalAsystole is the state of no cardiac electrical activity read through an electrocardiography (ECG) machine. It is a requirement for the certification of d... Read More »

Can Hair Follicles Be Revived?

According to, a hair loss information website, two theories about what happens to the "dead" hair follicle exist. One is that the follicle is not dead, just miniaturized to the point... Read More »

After barbiturate overdose, can you be revived with a defibrillator?

Barbiturate OD, like opiate OD, is considered a poisoning. The use of a defibrillator in addition to a respirator may be used in an attempt to revive someone whose heart has stopped due to barbitur... Read More »