HARRY POTTER FANS: If you had a pensieve, what memories would be in there that you would constantly jump into?

Answer This is actually a really difficult question. I think the youngest one would be when I wrote my younger sisters name on the wall with crayon. She used to do the Z in her name backwards so I did tha... Read More »

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♥Harry Potter Fans!♥?

Dangit... why'd ya go and make me cry... that was awesome?I just love the twins...great job!!!!!You needn't do anything to improve on them that was phenomenal...excuse me while i go watch your othe... Read More »

Harry Potter fans! I need a little help!!!?

well how aboutsorry by buckcherrysweetest girl by Wyclef Jeanlike a boy by Ciaraice box by omarion?my black daliah by hollywood undead

Harry Potter fans! (youtube)?

Excellent!Haha, it would be fun to use this song again when there are DH clips available (in like...forever from now) because of the part that's like "I'm surrounded by imposters." With all the sev... Read More »

Any HARRY POTTER fans I need your creative ideas for this project im doing.?

thats very sweet of you ! try having people remake the dance in the goblet of fire !!! people from the HP-clubs should know what i'm talking about ! have them dance around you guys while u ask ! ho... Read More »