H E L P i deleted my hard drive i'm dumb?

Answer You can't delete your hard drive. It's a physical component, inside your computer case. It sounds like you've deleted some application or disk image that has a picture of a hard drive, but unless... Read More »

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My dad deleted his hard drive!!!!!! how can he get it back?

One of the hardest things to do by accident is to delete your active hard-drive ...theres all sorts of popup windows and warnings and confirmation ... unless he had critical data on there and wishe... Read More »

How to Retrieve Deleted Files on a Hard Drive?

Whether done on purpose or by accident, deleting a file may leave you feeling a hint of panic. But rarely is a file lost forever. The truth is that most deleted files can be recovered easily with j... Read More »

Do deleted emails stay on a hard drive?

An email it does not disappear completely when you delete it. It stays on the hard drive of your computer. You can either download a cleaning program or follow an online tutorial explaining how to ... Read More »

How do I erase deleted files from a hard drive?

Delete Files from the Recycle BinPress the "Windows" key and "D" to minimize all windows and go to the desktop. Double-click "Recycle Bin". If "Recycle Bin" is not present on the desktop, click "St... Read More »