Gypsy Clothing From the 15th Century for Males?

Answer Mid-millennial garb worn by the Romani, the politically correct name for the people known as gypsies, conjures romantic images of coin bedecked women in multicolored scarves and dark men in richly ... Read More »

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Stirrup Styles of the 15th Century?

A stirrup is a metal ring or leather loop into which a rider places her foot for better support and balance when riding a horse. Usually stirrups are attached to a saddle. Stirrups were an importan... Read More »

15th Century Japanese Dresses?

The 15th century fell in the middle of the Muromachi period in Japan. During this time, the common class mostly wore practical clothing suitable for manual work. The nobility of the era wore practi... Read More »

15th-Century Costumes for Girls?

Europe led the way for fashion in the 15th century. Spain was a wealthy superpower at that time and set the tone since its citizens could often afford fine fabrics and clothes. Countries such as Fr... Read More »

English Manufacturing Products in the 15th & 16th Century?

Manufacturing is the organized use of tools and labor to make goods for sale. Manufacturing in England during the 15th and 16th centuries revolved around guilds. Guilds were an integral part of the... Read More »