Gymnosperms & Adaptation?

Answer Gymnosperms were among the first of the world's plants to reproduce using true seeds. While far less diverse today than the fruit-bearing angiosperms, modern gymnosperms---which include conifers, g... Read More »

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Are oak trees angiosperm or gymnosperms?

Oak trees are flowering plants of the genus Quercus. These plants have inconspicuous male or female flowers, and bear fruit in the form of acorns. Quercus species and all other flowering plants are... Read More »

What Are the Different Genera of Gymnosperms Found in the USA?

Gymnosperms have naked seeds -- seeds that are not enclosed in a protective fruit. Instead, the seeds develop on cones. Many different genera or kinds of gymnosperms occur in the United States. The... Read More »

Are palm trees gymnosperms?

No they are monocotyledonous angiosperms

Are pine trees gymnosperms?

According to the National Biological Information Infrastructure, pine trees are gymnosperms, which means "naked seed." This is a group with seeds that grow on a modified leaf or cone and includes c... Read More »