Guys:What body type do guys like on girls?

Answer My favorite body type is attached to a girl who is fun outgoing and interesting. Even thin girls can be lazy so no couch potatoes for me. The best body for me is one who likes to participate in l... Read More »

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Guys - or girls - what body type is nicer?

Curves, definitely! To be healthy is to be around the normal BMI region of 18-25. Look at Sofia Vergara or Marilyn Monroe, they have curves and they are/were considered sexy! I would know, I'm a gu... Read More »

Guys, what type of girls do you like?

Too much makeup can be a big turnoff. Personally, most girls I've dated wasn't based on her physic but more of her personallity and those things. Relationships based on looks often don't work out.

Is my body type attractive to guys?

lol did you really have to ask? of course, unless you have a nasty attitude. No amount of good looks makes up for a bad attitude in the long run

Do guys like this body structure on girls....?

A**>boobs in my opinion lol plus b cups arent even small..their normalcall me ;D jk lol