Guys whats wrong with that code, i've been trying it and it wont work?

Answer Well, first of all, I would not use the BORDER and BORDERCOLOR attributes, since these are not part of the HTML standards. They were designed strictly for the Netscape type environment.If you want... Read More »

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My 750 xs yamaha wont start whats wrong pls help ty?

My bike never starts in the spring when I get it out unless I drain the carbs first. Although the fuel in the tank may still be good, the small amount of fuel in the carb bowls seems to deteriorate... Read More »

My computer wont turn on.. whats wrong with it?

My printer/scanner wont let me scan my picture, whats wrong?

The reason it does that is because the setup failed. You need to power on the scanner, unplyg the usb cable and begin a fresh setup.Once the setup starts, let the program advise you when to connect... Read More »

Internet code wont work?

sorry man, but you were scammed. the website doesn't even exist, i'm afraid. You just lost 100 pounds to a stranger, please don't fall for something like this again. Believe me, it's easy to make c... Read More »