Guys whats wrong with that code, i've been trying it and it wont work?

Answer Well, first of all, I would not use the BORDER and BORDERCOLOR attributes, since these are not part of the HTML standards. They were designed strictly for the Netscape type environment.If you want... Read More »

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My computer wont turn on.. whats wrong with it?

I've been puking, but I'm not sick Whats wrong with me?

It could be stress but you should get a check up at the doctors to make sure thatis all it is it could be a blockage in your intestines, some sort of food that doesn't agreewith your stomach, all s... Read More »

Whats wrong with me i'm 15 years old, and been constantly thirsty for about 2 weeks.?

Well I'm 14 and have had diabetes since I was nine. You may really want to get checked. Tell your Mom and Dad to take you to the doctor. It can be scary but there is no reason to be scared. You get... Read More »

Waths wrong with my bukkit server it wont work it says failed to bind to port?

Check out the manual for your router.You are looking for Port Forwarding.You have to open a port for access to the server from outside.This site may also help you out. Read More »