Guys, whats hotter fat girls, girls with more to love or stick thin?

Answer Depends how fat or skinny. Personally i like girls who are toned and can fill their jeans. But If i had to choose between really fat and really skinny I would rather chose skinny.

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Guys: Which is hotter when looking at a girls appearance?

Eyes - blueLips - lipstick Hair - blonde Clothes - casual Makeup - Hardly AnyShoes - sneakersSkin - paleJewelry - hardly any

Whats guys favorite hair color for girls?

Guys and Girls alike: Whats your ideal beauty?

I always thank God for what he gave me. but honostly If i could change the way I look like I'd do it without another thought.the most thing I hate in myself is my hair. it's just so aweful and ugly... Read More »

GIRLS: do your hate it or love it when guys wear their jeans low?

You mean saggin' so 90's Nope. Nothing cute about a girl or a guy showing their @ss cracks. Didn't you know crack kills!!