Guys what you think about this picture ;)?

Answer i think you need to get out more....i get it. but i still think its dumb.

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What do you think of this picture guys only!!!!?

DUDE!!!!! your pregnant with a BOYFIREND!!!! GROW UP!!!!!

What do you guys think about this story about vitamins in Yahoo News?

The possible risks associated with vitamins and lack of benefits has been reported for some time now. Basically, providing one is eating a balanced diet, added vitamin supplements on top of this ar... Read More »

What do you guys think if this?

If you go out of your way to notice these people, of course they'll piss you off. But you can't judge whether they're genuine or not, so don't bother judging them at all. The world is full of all... Read More »

What do you guys think of this?

I'm not sure a doll needs to be promoted as a breastfeeding doll. My son "breastfeeds" his stuffed elephant. He sits down, pulls up his shirt and nurses from his bellybutton. He says his baby nee... Read More »