Guys, what is your ideal lip size for girls.?

Answer Depends on the rest of the face.

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Guys and Girls alike: Whats your ideal beauty?

I always thank God for what he gave me. but honostly If i could change the way I look like I'd do it without another thought.the most thing I hate in myself is my hair. it's just so aweful and ugly... Read More »

Guys, what is your ideal girlfriend?

Personality traits:IntelligentCaringNot easily jealous or too obsessive/clingyKnows what she wants in lifeHas common sense when it comes to judgementEasy to get along withHave a lot in common on th... Read More »

Guys: What does your ideal girl look like?

Hi Guys & Gals! What you be your ideal dream car (money or age being no limit)?

I want one of the original Land Rovers... the kind that were used in the African bush 40 years ago. In the market for one now.Aloha