Guys, what do girls wear that you hate!?

Answer Crocs

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Guys: what are some fashions that you hate that girls wear?

My guy friend sent me an email. I'll paste it:"Shannon, seriously, girls are becoming ridiculous. My sister went to the beach with her friends and wore JEANS. WHo wears JEANS to the beach?! And the... Read More »

Guys! What clothes do u hate to see girls wear 10 points?

leeopard print mini skirts. even if you have nice legs, its just not flattering to me. and when girl wear sweat pants with the word "Juicy" on the back. Why are you juicy? thats not sexy thats conc... Read More »

GIRLS: do your hate it or love it when guys wear their jeans low?

You mean saggin' so 90's Nope. Nothing cute about a girl or a guy showing their @ss cracks. Didn't you know crack kills!!

Question for Guys: What clothes do you hate that girls wear (Points)?

I hate it when the girls nowadays dress like whores. I'm not some old guy saying this because I have a daughter. I'm a 22 year old male who is in great physical shape and I've spent 2 years in the ... Read More »