Guys i need some honest answers please!?

Answer If he's so shallow that that's a major hang-up, then you shouldn't care if he's no longer interested. You'll obviously be THAT much MORE attractive after you get the braces off, and if he can't w... Read More »

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GIRLS/GUYS I need your honest opinion please help?

Sounds good:) I like the skinny jeans; it's basic but it sounds appealing I prefere a guy with a more basic style then one which is to dressed up! Good luck:)!!!!

Need some answers! please help me?

Apple sent out an invite and it is coming out on Septembet 12th. Yes, you have to buy out the rest of your contract.I don't know what the fee is sorry!Hoped I helped!

OO my God, I need some real answers please?

i had my milk teeth pulled it did not hurt me

Guys- am i too fat be honest please!!?