Guys- do you care what girls wear?

Answer Naw we care about your personality... well at least intrapersonal people like me do i dont know about the guys who are the use it or lose it ( you know the middle school scandals ect...)

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GIRLS: HOT or NOT when guys wear their jeans low?

HAHAHAHAH I'm a guy and I wear mine that low sometimes. Girls still LOVE ME HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!-AK

Guys: girls that wear lipgloss?

they like it all but if there's going to be kissing, better not use lipstick

Guys, what do girls wear that you hate!?

What do guys think of girls who don't wear any makeup?

There is nothing wrong with a woman that does not wear make up all the time. My 17 year old daughter does not wear makeup often and dresses as you describe, "in comfortable clothes". We advise ou... Read More »