Guys and periods?


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Do guys get periods ?

As a man, the only time we get a 'period' is after eating some 'Indian' or 'Mexican' food and we sit on a toilet shitting blood.

Why do guys think periods are so friggin hilarious?

Cuz its funny duh. If You saw a commercia for somthing that would go up a guys dick wouldnt you laugh a bit.

If girls get boobs & periods and have to get pregnant what happens to guys ?

Both boys & girls go through puberty. While girls develop breasts & start their periods, boys testicles drop, they start having wet dreams, their voice breaks & have growth spurts etc.. Although it... Read More »

If you take a pill to make your periods lighter for one month will this effect the rest of your periods in later months?

Answer It may effect your next month period but it will not effect every period you have.