Guy has seen my message, as it says on social networking site, yet no reply?

Answer That doesnt mean he has more chics .but u may think he recieved the message which is right but may be the message was not read ,or he may not be interested in u although he said what he said .U nev... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia A Social Networking Site?

Yes, it is a social networking site, mostly for people with no life. The commenting section isn't on the bottom of each page, but instead it's a link at the top. That by itself would still not be e... Read More »

How do i make a social networking site?

You will need to know at minimum. HTML5, CSS3, JS, php, ajax(to make it smoother), and mysql. Additionally you will need to have a good idea of how to implement encryption and hashing into all parts.

Whats the best social networking site?

Facebook if you like clean simple ways of keeping in touch with friends/colleagues Myspace if you like whoring, want to practise coding, or just wanna show off a lot of stuffBebo if you're an immat... Read More »

Can I use dreamweaver to build a social networking site?

No, Yes.No, DW will not do the whole job: you can design the pages the way you want them to appear, but they will not function properly.You might design your pages with photoshop: you'll get the sa... Read More »