Gums injury, need advice?

Answer It'll probably go away on its own use some sterisol and gargle around that affected area with it it should help.

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Advice for a football injury?

try a clay bath....there must be a spa nearby, just call around, one of them must offer clay bath therapy,just go dunk yourself for a half hour or will sooth sore muscles and also detox you... Read More »

Looking for advice on a 8 month painful ankle injury please help!?

It sounds like you damaged the Achilles' tendon near your ankle, which is causing the pain. You need to get an X-ray done to find out the exact nature of the injury.

For injury induced arthritis of the shoulders and lower back,any advice on adaptive tools that work best?

A back support belt sold at Hardware stores,or Tool supplie stores.

Problems with teeth/gums DENTISTS please (gums receding/thinning)?

The top reasons for gum recession are age and brushing too hard. Since you sound like you're younger it might be from brushing too hard, you can literally brush the gums right off. Make sure you ... Read More »