Gums injury, need advice?

Answer It'll probably go away on its own use some sterisol and gargle around that affected area with it it should help.

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Advice for a football injury?

try a clay bath....there must be a spa nearby, just call around, one of them must offer clay bath therapy,just go dunk yourself for a half hour or will sooth sore muscles and also detox you... Read More »

I have an injury that I have had for awhile. Advice?

That is expected from living. I hit my elbow on a door frame and now it hurts and the tendons tense up and catch when I use it too much. My chest pulls on the cartilage of my rib cage when I flex t... Read More »

Looking for advice on a 8 month painful ankle injury please help!?

It sounds like you damaged the Achilles' tendon near your ankle, which is causing the pain. You need to get an X-ray done to find out the exact nature of the injury.

For injury induced arthritis of the shoulders and lower back,any advice on adaptive tools that work best?

A back support belt sold at Hardware stores,or Tool supplie stores.