Gummy bears or worms with kool aid?

Answer Get one of those Big Kool-Aid in a jar or w/e not the ones in a pouch. The ones with sugar already in it. Get some gummy bears in a bowl and get water all over them, drain the water. T... Read More »

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Gummy worms or gummy bears?

How do I get some gummy worms if I don't have any?

Seeing as you have internet go on google type in gummy worms click images and then lick the screen and imagine that you have the gummy worms it works well believe me ive tried.

Who invented gummy worms?

The gummy worm was introduced by German candy company Trolli in 1981. Originally, Trolli designed gummy worms to be shocking to children's parents. The shock soon wore off, however, and gummy worms... Read More »

How to Make Gummy Worms?

The thing about Gummy Worms is that you do not want them to taste "home made". These are intended to taste as similar to grocery store brands as possible.The first things you need to do to create s... Read More »