Guitars Used by Sully From Godsmack?

Answer Sully Erna is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the hard rock band Godsmack. Although he has played a fairly wide variety of guitars and amplifiers throughout his career, a few have become r... Read More »

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Is buying used guitars from guitt center safe?

What the others say is true but the most important thing, whether the guitar is new or used it that you check it out, make sure it's okay. Make sure there is nothing actually wrong with it but that... Read More »

How to Draw Sully from Monster's Inc?

James P. Sullivan or “Sully” is the lead character on Disney’s 3D animated movie Monster’s Inc. He is known on the movie as the best monster scarer for little children. He’s also Michael ... Read More »

About Wood Used to Make Guitars?

Knowledge of woods used to make guitars is important for any guitar player or individual interested in purchasing a guitar--you want to be sure the guitar has the right sound for your style. Luthie... Read More »

Can acoustic amps be used for electric guitars?

On One Hand: Suppression of the Electric SoundAn acoustic amplifier is designed to pick up the quieter tones of the acoustic guitar and therefore they often contain quite powerful amplifiers, as mu... Read More »