Guitar strings detune one another?

Answer This is due to the Floyd Rose floating tremolo system. It's like this on all these types of units and really nothing to "fix". All you need is to learn how to set the system up properly.That said, ... Read More »

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Why does my strings detune even if it's tuned already?

Strings stretch, especially new ones. With a guitar with a "tremolo" bridge, tuning one string puts more tension on the bridge which brings the whole unit up which detunes all the other strings. It... Read More »

How to Easily Detune a Guitar?

You may have to detune your guitar at some point, so here's how to do it easily.

Can I string an acoustic guitar with electric guitar strings?

Guitar strings are not interchangeable. Strings come in three basic forms: classical, steel, and 12 string sets. Choosing the wrong type of strings can produce too much tension and damage your guit... Read More »

What guitar strings should I buy?

Go online and search those guitars on site, and view details about strings, for electric Nickel plated round wound, for acoustic Bronze round wound, the numbers may be unique to match bridge and nu... Read More »