Guitar electronics: can you turn a neck tone potentiometer into a bridge tone potentiometer with a switch.?

Answer Harder, but more correct, use a push-pull or coaxial potentiometer. You have two tone controls, one for each, Same for volume. Or a coaxial tone/volume pot for each pickup.But to directly do what y... Read More »

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Potentiometer Guitar Effects?

Guitar potentiometers - or guitar "pots" - control the tone and volume on an electric guitar. The tone pot works as a filter that controls the highs and lows of the signal coming from the guitar pi... Read More »

How Do I Switch From a Heavy Tone to a Light One on an Electric Guitar?

Guitar players are always searching for the perfect tone. Several factors affect the tone of a guitar. They range from the guitar and its accessories to the guitarist's style and technique. Heavy g... Read More »

What is a potentiometer used for?

A potentiometer is a modified resistor that can be used to change the resistance in a circuit, thereby controlling output voltage from a signal source. One example of when this is useful is when it... Read More »

How to Select a Potentiometer?

According to WiseGEEK, a potentiometer is a manually adjustable resistor. This means it lets you change the resistance in a circuit by hand, which is useful for applications like dimmer lighting a... Read More »