Guide to Polishing the Upper Intake Manifold on a Mustang?

Answer Polishing an intake manifold on a Mustang is an ideal way to add horsepower and throttle response. By polishing the insides of the intake tracts, incoming air is able to move through the manifold m... Read More »

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Intake Manifold Polishing Techniques & Tools?

Polishing an intake manifold is a technique that is used to get more horsepower from a car. The insides of most intake manifolds have a rough surface that spoils the flow of air as it enters the in... Read More »

What is an upper intake manifold gasket?

The intake manifold's job is to manage the level of air that goes into your engine. On most engines it's where the fuel and air mix before they go into the cylinders. The gasket sits between the ma... Read More »

How to Remove the Upper Intake Manifold?

The upper intake manifold consists of the metal tubes that connect to the lower manifold in the engine compartment. This part of the manifold directs air into the internal combustion chamber of a v... Read More »

Upper Intake Manifold Specs?

All internal-combustion engines contain an imperative intake part, called the intake manifold. The differences in intake manifolds in the variety of motors that exist is vast, but all serve the sam... Read More »