Guide for "Quest: A Dip in the Moonwell"?

Answer Horde and Alliance factions in Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" online role-playing game each possess a curiosity about the other. One quest that Horde characters receive in Thousand Needles illustra... Read More »

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"MapleStory" Quest Guide for Tristan's Tomb?

In "MapleStory," Tristan's Tomb is the starting location for the Level 50 quest, "Tristan's Successor." Tristan is a restless spirit in the Balrog Temple. Formerly a warrior, Tristan is looking for... Read More »

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Why do some people call guard rails guide rails, what do they guide?

The "Politically Correct" term is, "GUIDE "rail.They were originally called "Guard "rails.But I guess that, in today's lawsuit happy society,it had to be changed, since they don't actually "guard" ... Read More »

RPG Quest Ideas?

In both video and tabletop role-playing games, a good story sucks players in, while a bad story spits them right out. All the best gameplay in the world won't count for much without an effective st... Read More »