Guess how much I weigh! (Closest=10 points!)?

Answer 95 lbs

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Poll : Which song is this , guess 10 points?

Its ok to watch t.v when you watch a programme which talks education, but it is sinful to listen to songs.

How old do you think i am {pics} 10 points for first person to guess right?

How do you make pasta bake Easy 10 points, if you know how I guess?

Hey Lucy!! I'm pretty sure that if KP stops by he'll tell ya.... =P and I'll be back to check on the answers to this question 'cause I also wanna know ... thankies for posting this question =POkay.... Read More »

I work in a restaurant.......guess what i found under the table......10 points for the correct answer!!!!?

I have no idea. But I work in a restaurant too and in the employee room, I picked up a dirty crusty sock and some women's g-string both at the same time. I looked at both of them for a second and... Read More »