Guess What!?

Answer It should be working for everyone know.

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If you had to guess the most popular names for twins, what would you guess?

Jacob and JoshuaGabrielle and Isabella Madison and Morgan

Sometimes maybe i guess i need help i guess, and id just kinda like to ask a question here pretty much?

Nothing, Zach!Wave bye bye to your hair!! *waves*;-)

Yay!!! Guess what you guys!!!!!=P?

congrats (: You're lucky, i had my twin girls, and they were born at 24wks and they passed away in the NICU. But, i'm so happy for you (:

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Ahaa, I can remember when I was queuing up for lunch once and the girl in front of me had a picture of bill in her purse, I freaked out and asked her if she liked them, and she responded with 'get ... Read More »