Guardian taking too long to scan in boot?

Answer Check the program and get AVAST. Its free and it will do a boot scan quite quickly and automatically. If you want, yu can also use this command at the prompt and type thisscandisk /f or chkdsk c:

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Why is Norton Full Scan taking so long?

Windows has a lot of files, texts, logs, etc... When you do a full scan, you should schedule it while you are sleeping. At least, when oy get up, it will have scanned the entire HD.

Why is Malwarebytes taking so long to perform a quick scan?

It depends on your operating system.Does your operating system meet the minimum system requirements of Malwarebytes Antimalware?Minimum system requirements for Malwarebytes AntimalwareMicrosoft Int... Read More »

Full system scan of avast taking extremely long time ?

Disconnect the external drive. Avast has the problem of scanning everything. You should go in the setting and specify to SCAN the Drive C: only.I suggest scheduling a BOOT SCAN in the AVAST setting... Read More »

Avast Boot-Time scan?

You need to select DELETE ALL and the boot-scan will delete all infected files. If you want to do another boot scan, go in the options and schedule it so that it will re-scan on your next boot.