Guardian ad litem's role on appeal?

Answer Limited as the appeal is based on evidence already presented at trial. The GAL has presented their report to the court. Even if the appeal claims the GAL was bias in their reporting, the appeal cou... Read More »

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Does verbal abuse play a big role in building a case against a parent or guardian in an emancipation hearing in Wisconsin at sixteen?

I'm a 16 year old and i really need the answer to this question, so someone plese help answer

How can someone convince their guardian to let them go somewhere when their guardian is unsure about the idea of letting them go?

um, if it is somewhere were there isn't gonna be any parents, so that's wot their worried about you could get a friend to pretend to be the 'parent' and call then say that yeah yeah, its all gonna ... Read More »

How does role of department of homeland security differ from traditional role of the military?

Active Role Vs. Proactive Role?

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