Grungy Hairstyles?

Answer The grunge style exemplifies a nonchalant approach to personal appearance. So to a certain extent, searching for grunge hairstyles can be counterproductive to the lifestyle. However, if you just wa... Read More »

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How to Have Grungy Hair Without Doing Anything?

Getting grungy hair can do a lot of damage if you are constantly teasing and drying it. Instead, try these quick tips to get the grunge look, without doing anything.

How to Make Grungy Candles That Look Like Cupcakes?

If you have lots of partially burned candles, you can recycle them into fresh new candles. Simply use bakers' silicon or disposable aluminum cupcake forms or tinfoil cupcake to make cute cake-shape... Read More »

How to Create Grungy Brushes Using Inkscape?

Brushes can be used with various programs. You can use Inkscape (and a little GIMP) to do that with.

How to Make Short Hairstyles With Kinky Twist Hairstyles?

Short hairstyles with kinky twists can be a funky and edgy way to style your hair. Another perk of this style is that it is easy to do and can translate well as a style for both men and women. If y... Read More »