Growing Things Activities for Preschoolers?

Answer Every living thing, including plants, animals and people, experiences growth and change throughout its lifetime. Preschoolers may have a hard time understanding the concept of growth since the proc... Read More »

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What are some good activities for preschoolers around "All about me" theme Has to be intentional activities..?

I'm not sure what DRDP is either, but here are some activities that come to mind:>Give each child a blank white poster board to take home with the title All About Me! at the top. Include a note t... Read More »

Fun Things for Preschoolers?

There is a wide range of options available for entertaining a preschooler. For many adults, the trick is finding the right mix of planning a fun activity with an educational one. These days, presch... Read More »

What are some things you like when you work with preschoolers?

Watching them learn and grow, listening to what they have to say (it's usually hilarious), getting to play!

Wacky Things to Teach Preschoolers?

Children at the preschool level continue to learn through play. You can introduce wacky things to preschoolers to help them learn and improve listening and language skills. Wacky things may include... Read More »