Growing Pepper Plant Help!?

Answer A pepper plant once fully frozen and dead will not grow back, these types of plant grow very quickly in an attempt to produce as many seed as possible befor winter. As for the seed you have, they m... Read More »

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Why does a plant growing in a pot get affected by mineral shortages than a plant growing in the garden?

a plant growing in a pot cannot supply minerals of its own,whereas in a garden there are plenty of minerals in the soil.

List of Pepper Growing Times?

Peppers add color and texture to many kinds of foods. There are different varieties of both sweet and hot peppers. One feature of peppers that makes them fun and interesting to grow is that they co... Read More »

I bought a pepper plant with three plants in the same pot. Should I separate them when I plant them?

I got two pepper plants in one jiffy pot. What I chose to do was to clip one off so as not to disturb the root system of the other. This is probably the best choice. When transplanting bare root yo... Read More »

Growing an entire new plant from part of the original plant is called?