Grow apple fruit trees in Philippines?

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Can apple trees only grow one type of fruit?

Fruit trees can bear as many as seven kinds of fruit through the ancient technique of grafting, say the California Rare Fruit Growers, but they have to be in the same family. An apple tree can be g... Read More »

When do apple trees have fruit?

Apple trees bear fruit depending on the variety of apple, the climate and the conditions present during the growing season. Some varieties of apples can bear fruit in early June, while other varie... Read More »

Does xylella fastidiosa cause apple trees not to fruit?

Although xylella fastidiosa does not affect apple trees, it causes Pierce's Disease, which affects grapevines. In addition to Pierce's, this bacterium affects almond, peach and pear trees, among ot... Read More »

How long can apple trees bear fruit?

The oldest fruiting apple tree in the United States was reportedly planted by the governor of New Netherland in 1647 in what is now Manhattan, a borough of New York City. The old apple tree was rep... Read More »